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Who is CAG

CAG Electric Machinery s.r.o. , is one of the leading European manufacturers of industrial drive control technology. With over 25 years of automation history, we are able to offer our customers cutting-edge technology and first-class service.

The main production program includes frequency inverters and high performance soft starters that are constantly being upgraded to meet growing customer demands. The high level of human potential represents a significant advantage for CAG, not only in R & D but also in the area of ​​production capacity.
CAG's drives are based primarily on RUBICON's proven design concept, which has its origins in the US and is continuously overwhelmed by the market. The same concept is now used by most competing manufacturers of control technology. Control software is then the unique solution of CAG and is available in many language versions. In conjunction with subcomponents that we buy from proven suppliers, CAG drives are a highly efficient product. For all of our suppliers we mention Infineon: IGBT, Siemens: PLC, ABB: contactors. Large CAG drives are renowned for their ability to operate in the heaviest operations under extreme weather conditions, high reliability and outstanding utility value. Our machines are capable of operating in frosty weather, but also at abnormally high desert temperatures. Excellent operating characteristics and a number of technical and design innovations for CAG drives have been verified through lifetime tests for many years.
CAG's major business areas include Russia, the former CIS, Israel, India, the Arabian Peninsula, Australia and Europe.