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Technological research and development

Our services:

     CAG Electric Machinery s.r.o. focuses on complex deliveries in the field of electric drives. The services we offer to our customers cover all the needs of demanding customers who require the implementation of complete drives in complex industrial units. We are ready to offer first-class service focused on the sectors of power engineering, water management, air-conditioning of industrial enterprises, agriculture and recently complete supplies to primary production.

Research and Development:

     The research and development activities in the field of electric drives and their verification in the production process are the basis for CAG's future success. In development, we focus on implementing new development trends and verifying innovative designs before launching on many challenging test runs.


     The quality of CAG products stems primarily from the close connection of production and its own development sites. Continuous control of used materials and adherence to production processes is reflected in top-quality workmanship. Modernly equipped machinery and assembly plants have sufficient capacity to produce even the most sophisticated products. Modern testing facilities are also part of the production facilities, the largest of which allows testing of machines with a power of up to 12 MW.


  • Design, construction and calculation work
  • Processing of technical offers and operational documentation
  • Deliveries of complete electric drives including measuring and control technology, control systems,
  • Complete implementation of turnkey drives
  • Assembly, commissioning, testing, training of the operator
  • Consultation


     Our service is provided throughout the life of the machines. The aim of these services is primarily to prevent unwanted and unexpected stops and thus help to achieve optimal use. Thanks to our diagnostic technology, we are able to detect signs of wear and tear in advance and recommend solutions to your problem. At our service centers we are able to do everything from routine maintenance and minor repairs to repairing individual components. We also have a sufficient number of field engineers who are able to carry out on-site repairs with specialist service vehicles.

Spare parts:

     Only original spare parts approved and long-term manufacturer-controlled will ensure the continued performance, quality and safety of your machine. That is why we will provide you with a complete stock of the most frequently used parts. We are able to deliver the goods within 24 hours of the order.